• Fire and IceNepaleseNepalese Orange
  • Nepalese VNepalese StormPF 350
  • Nepalese M15B GreyNepalese Ice BlueLight Blue Overdye
  • Traditional Wheat Color RugEbay1Atalaya Brown
  • Kilim 1Kilim 2Kilim 3
A Few Services We Offer
  • Rentals for set decorators & staging
  • Expert cleaning, repairs & restoration
  • Antique Appraisals and Consignments

Our StorySome might say that we came upon our trade naturallyothers might say we have been called on the carpet all our lives. Our family traces its roots to Kashan, Iran, one of the major textile and rug weaving enters in Iran. The city of Kashan is world renowned for its fine quality wool rugs as well as its famed Mohtasham carpets woven in the 19th century.

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